Researcher's Edge

System Requirements

System requirements are subject to change. Please ensure you have the latest information before making any purchase decisions. If you are running any other Blackbaud products, please refer to the System Requirements for those products separately.

Last updated: May 26, 2020

Standalone/workstation supported versions

Operating system

Windows XP Professional

Processor (CPU)

Pentium III or Pentium III-class 733 MHz minimum; Pentium IV or Pentium IV-class recommended.

Memory (RAM)

128 MB minimum; 512 MB recommended.

Disk space

500 MB minimum for program, system, and database management console files; plus 1.2 GB for Microsoft MapPoint™ files. Additional space is required for the database.




800 x 600 resolution; 256 colors.

Database server supported versions

Operating system
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2008 Server
SQL server

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 SP2 are supported.

Important Note: SQL Server 2008, Domain controllers, Small Business Servers, NT 4.0 Server, Novell, peer-to-peer networks and thin-client configurations are not supported.

Memory (RAM)

512 MB minimum. More memory may be required for databases larger than 1 GB. The maximum for the SQL Server MSDE and Standard versions is 2 GB. The maximum for SQL Server Enterprise version is 64 GB.

Note: SQL Server can dynamically allocate the optimal amount of memory (or cache) to the database to increase performance. Consider purchasing more than the recommended RAM to allow for a larger cache.

Disk space

500 MB minimum for program, system, and database management console files; plus 1.0 GB for Microsoft MapPoint™ files. Additional space is required for the database.

Processor (CPU)
  • Pentium III or Pentium III-class 733 MHz as a minimum for small networks (under 10 users) and/or small databases (under 250,000 records).
  • Pentium IV or Pentium IV-class 2.00 GHz as a minimum for large networks (over 10 users) and/or large databases (over 250,000 records).
  • Only Intel-Pentium processor or x86 Pentium-class processor are supported.
  • SQL Server provides enhanced support for multi-processor servers running Windows servers. It is designed to improve performance of multi-user databases under heavy usage and to increase the workload that the database can handle. It can also handle larger databases and/or a large numbers of users (20 and above).
  • A dedicated database server, especially with high user loads and activity, should be considered.
  • If you run more than one client/server application on the same server, that server needs to exceed the minimum recommendations for optimal performance.
Hard disk

A high-performance disk subsystem, such as SCSI-2 and RAID technology, is recommended.

Compatibility information

Raiser's Edge integration

Researcher’s Edge v2.2.1.8 is compatible with Raiser’s Edge 7.81 – 7.91 SQL Server versions. Oracle is not supported. Clients wishing to use integration capabilities to transfer summarized asset, wealth and giving capacity data into Raiser’s Edge must have the RE:Search module.


Blackbaud does not make specific printer recommendations. Reports and forms in Blackbaud products have been specifically designed for and tested with HP LaserJet laser printers. Updated printer drivers, available directly from the printer or operating system manufacturer, may be necessary for compatibility with Blackbaud products.

MapPoint™ integration

The Researcher’s Edge v2.1 and higher is compatible with Microsoft MapPoint™ 2006.

Server-based computing (“thinclient” technology)

Blackbaud offers hosting services for The Researcher’s Edge application and database. Access to the application is provided via your Web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) over a secure Citrix client connection.

For more information regarding these services, please contact your account manager. Wide Area Network (WAN) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections are not supported. For more information, refer to Knowledgebase solution BB50293.